DRK Ortsverein Hinte e.V.
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Hinte e.V.



We always look forward to your questions and suggestions about our work. You can reach us by phone at the following times:


Email: 1.vorsitzender@drk-hinte.de Phone: 04925/8418

Address: Herbert Heeren, Suurhuser Warf 6, 26759 Hinte

Medical Service

Email: bereitschaft@drk-hinte.de Phone: 04925/939566

Address: Erik Heeren, Buschweg 5, 26759 Hinte

Red Cross Youth

Email: jrk@drk-hinte.de Phone: 04925/939566

Address Erik Heeren, Buschweg 5, 26759 Hinte